It is (generally) implicit

Katy, 20, student, aspiring (read: bad) poet, feminist. Polyamorous, biromantic, homosexual. Cis. Pronouns: she/her. Femme(ish). Definitely not a straight girl.

To my future children

Do not believe me when I say breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
It isn’t, it’s just that school doesn’t let you eat until first play
And it’s been a long time since dinner and I am willing to say anything to get something down your neck.

I will buy you books.
So many.
You will be read to every night until you ask me to stop.
That is a promise.
I will never break a promise to you.

I am sorry that your names will be difficult to spell.
You will grow to love them.
It’s okay if you’re a vegetarian or if you hate vegetables.
You’ll just have to take supplements.
Lots of them.

You will have a curfew,
Not a bedtime.
I will turn the wifi off at midnight.
I will not be sorry.
You can dye your hair whatever colour you like
I will never question your style decisions,
Just take lots of pictures.

I am sorry that I brought you into
a homophobic world with two mums.
I am sorry that you will quickly learn that a dyke is not just a ditch.
I am sorry that people will think your uncle is your dad.
I will forgive you if you say he is.

My love for you will never be dependent on who you love.
I will not pass my sins on to you.

For All The Girls I Loved Before I Knew I Could


For All The Girls I Loved Before I Knew I Could


I remember vividly that her name was Amanda because of the crushing wave of confusion that came with that knowledge. I was 8-years-old and at Girl Scout camp, so I don’t know why I thought she was a boy when I saw her across the mess hall. I couldn’t make the stirring in my gut go away once I knew she was a girl — a girl with short black hair and a confident walk and a smile that disrupted…

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